Once Upon a Time

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Once Upon a Time there was a man and his wife. And they’ve had a child, which was lovely, but at the same time very demanding. So they were tired most of the time and needed entertainment which would allow them to spend a nice evening once in a while. As there was wast kingdom of Netflix nearby they’ve used it’s library to search for the good show. And they’ve found one, so they’ve thought at least. It was about this lost kingdom of magic where all characters are now miserable and there are no happy endings anymore. And it was fun at first, not the best, but good. It was maybe not very thrilling, but not boring either. Then bad queen came again, I guess it was her, and show turned up to be another American opera. With a lot of unneeded emotions and happy endings happening all the time again, where they shouldn’t be possible just yet.

Our married couple gave it a second try and watched three more shows, but nothing was the same anymore. What do you expect, one could ask, from the show advertised by poster with exposed ass of main heroine. Nothing I suppose, yet I was expecting something more. Oh well, search for good show continues.