I hate repetitions (Supernatural)

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From time to time I see new stuff on the web made by fans of Supernatural. Some of them are funny, some not. Some are good, others really bad. But it’s not the point. What’s important is the fact that the series has a lot of admirers. But why?

Not that it’s bad. I’ve watched two seasons and it was enjoyable. Problem is that it’s repetitive. Each episode is build around the same scheme. Ugh there is monster somewhere, ugh we’re going there. It appears that it beat us this time, but in the end we’ve beaten it. Hurray we’re heroes again! Put in between things like:
- Glimpses from the back story. The mother taken by the daemon and the father trying to find it.
- Dean being an asshole.
- Sam being a nerd.
And you have full picture.

When I’m reading what I’ve just written, I’m thinking how come I was able to watch entire two seasons? Well, it’s because it’s really well made. And the actors are quite good. Well, I don’t like Sam very much, as he’s too soft. But Dean is a casting head shot. But it doesn’t change the fact that the show is as repetitive as A-Team. Not to mention that it’s actually a copy of Scooby Doo, minus revealing that a monster was really a janitor at the end. Or in some cases even not:)