For only one season

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Every fan of movies knows already that sequels are usually bad. There are exceptions, but they’re just confirming the rule. There is similar situation when it comes to TV series. Some series are good for only one season. Below are some examples.

Dexter. When I’ve watched first episode I was completely stunned. There was a series which had just everything I expect from good TV. Great and original story, good acting, proper level of “believability”. Each episode was simply perfect and many ideas just shaken my mind. But then second season came and that was it. I’ve survived few episodes, really willing to give it a chance, but it was simply bad. Entire feeling was lost and series was suddenly dead to me. 910 for first season, 510 for the second, I’ve not even bothered to watch the next ones.

Damages. I really like stories about lawyers. And this one was really good. Plus it had a great deal of thriller in it. Story was building in very interesting way and characters were deep. Not to mention that main character was a hot chick. But then in season two I saw just the repetition and it was end to me. 810 for first season, 410 for second.

On the other hand there were shows which were really good and simply ended after first season. Just to name few.

Kings. Not mind blowing maybe, but really nice show to watch. Original idea and good realization. Plus the king was played by the bad ass from Deadwood. I really don’t know why it ended on first season.

Whites. British comedy set in hotel restaurant. Everything revolves around chef who is simply an asshole. Great acting. Humor is pretty specific, as with most of British shows, but I really enjoyed it. And after season one, no more. Why?

Firefly. If you like science fiction, you’ve probably already seen it. If not, then you don’t like sci-fi obviously. Series is from 2002, but still looks good. So back then it had to be amazing. Story is maybe not very original, but it’s one of not so many shows where thrill and humor play nicely together. Great ideas and good acting. What do you need more? Season two maybe.

When there is so many good ideas why loosing money on the average ones? The answer is simple, they’re not loosing money. They’re making it, a lot. So the answer is not that industry is broken, but people. Start watching valuable shows and vote with your remote when you’re not receiving what you expect. TV can be better, but you need to want it to be.