After one season of soap opera, I have enough (The Newsroom)

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I’ve started to watch Newsroom after watching this video:

I was amazed. Finally there would be something smart to watch, the series which would be intellectually demanding. Not just another dinner supplement. How horribly wrong I was. First episode was alright, especially because of the above scene. But after that it was worse and worse. It’s simply just another soap opera. They’ve ditched all intellectual stuff, or in the best case made it a background, for love story between Will and MacKenzie. By the way who decided that this actress is suitable for this role? She’s so lame. If it’s not enough of romance for you, then you also have a love story between Jim and Maggie. This time though I’m not so sure who is beauty and who’s beast. Oh and don’t let me forget about Sloan played by Olivia Munn, who was once loved by all geeks. I don’t get it as she looks average at best. And her character is just ridiculous. The girl who’s maintaining business news and is supposed to be the genius, but all you get from her is constantly saying that she has diploma from there and she knows that. There is also one episode where it turns out that she speaks Japanese which supposedly should make her supper smart, but then makes mistake which wouldn’t be made by half-brained reported from community college. I simply don’t know what they’ve wanted to achieve with her. Not to mentioned that she’s mentally unstable, but it’s common for all characters in this series.

And jokes. Oh, jokes in this show are the lowest kind. Targeted in that way so everybody could get them, so by principle they can’t be funny. To be fair, series has good moments. Sometimes it really catches attention and I’ve really cared what would happen next. But it was just few times, too little to make it anything good.

I really don’t know how I’ve managed to watch entire season. Maybe I was simply bored. And there was also a lot of fuss about it in the media. I even recall how one Polish reporter was describing on some portal how the news work presented in this show is nothing close to reality. Duh?! You don’t have to be experienced reporter to notice it. Anyway I don’t even want to see single episode from second season. It’s lost of time.