Same thing again, but still alright (Last Man Standing)

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Remember Home Improvement? Quite nice family show with Tim Allen. Nothing special, but I’ve enjoyed watching it. It was funny, sometimes educational. All family members were chosen well, so you’ve felt like it’s real thing.

Now Tim is back with Last Man Standing which is actually the same thing. Few differences, he’s now working in some outdoor store rather than being host of his own TV show, and his children are girls instead of boys (but he still has three kids). Wow, how much have they changed:) Daughters are weaker part of the show as they don’t feel so well adjusted, especially Eve. I simply hate this character, it’s shallow and this actress is plastic even compared to Kristen Stewart. I’m also missing Wilson and his good advices, sure we have Ed who is trying his best, but it’s not the same thing. Definitely the strongest part of the show is oldest daughter, grandson and son-in-law of Mike. Their constant conflicts are quite interesting and showing good spectrum of modern world problems. Yeah, it’s sounds big, but don’t expect much:) In one episode they’ve reminded me why I hate vegetarians:)

Again, it’s not the series you’ll be waiting impatiently whole week to see what would happen next. Rather good thing to watch while eating your morning bowl of corn flakes. Nice thing when you have nothing better to do.