Funerals got weird

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I’m watching third season of Six Feet Under now. When I’ve started watching it I’ve felt weird. It wasn’t bad, but also nothing special. I haven’t felt like spending time on this series. Then, after few episodes, I’ve started to like it. Characters are deep, enough. Stories are normal, just life of average family, but have something inside. And the way it’s displayed on the screen is magnetic. So I’ve went smoothly through two seasons, end of second one was amazing BTW. Then there is third season and I don’t really know what to think. It’s not bad, but something is wrong. Nate and Lisa, well I don’t feel it. We’ve had this idea, me and my wife, that Nate is in coma and everything is just a dream, but I don’t believe it anymore. Episode by episode it’s getting more shallow. Today I’ve seen fifth one, and finally Dwight appeared. Hope it would help. It’s good series, I’ve heard that it has great ending, so I don’t want my excitement to burn on third season. We will see.