Sons of Anarchy

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12 episodes away, it’s time for some reflection. It’s nice to watch adventures of California motor gang. Good actors, fine described characters. Some of them deep, some of them not much. Mrs. Bundy in the role of Club Queen, very good. Jax is a little strange and the actor who is playing this role is trying too much to be tough guy. What sometimes is annoying. Does anybody remember him from Hooligans? All this put this series among my favorite ones.

There is only one thing which makes me angry. That beside the fact that these guys are nice people, they’re still criminals. I don’t know, but it’s always like that. When you watch European movie bad guy is a bad guy, you hate him a lot. But in American one is always mixed. You have this shady type who on the other side is trying to be good father and helps a lot of people. I don’t like it, if somebody is dark, let him be dark. Still 810 for Sons. Uff, another chaotic post behind me:)

P.S. And I don’t like when they’re siting around the table and Clay is hitting it with his “judge” hammer. Really, grown up men playing court like kids.