Hugo isn't there, yet

I’m currently using JekyllRB for my blog which maybe isn’t bad, but I don’t like it much just because I don’t like Ruby. I’m running site generation form Docker container, because I’m not allowing Ruby anywhere on my box. So I wanted to try Hugo. It’s written in Go which I know and kind of like, and it’s much faster. Speed isn’t maybe main factor for me as Jekyll is fast enough for my needs, but Hugo just feels better.

Unfortunately, it’s not for me, yet. I hope it’s just yet and that they’ll improve it. The main problem is that I’m using some special characters in my URLs like '() which don’t play well with Hugo. It’ll generate link as, but actual content will sit in *2015/12/13/The_book_was_better_(Godfather)*, so web server would serve you nice 404 page.

Moreover, some themes, Minos to name one, have problems when generating links to the things they need. Links to content are generated fine with exceptions as written above, but for instance link to css will be “https://blog.liox.eucss/main.scss” instead of “”. This problem isn’t occurring when serving site using Hugo’s built-in server however which is a bit weird.

Of course, I could go and manually correct that or write a simple script which would do that for me each time I’m generating the site. For the posts, I could even change their filenames and permalinks which would fix the links generation permanently. But that’s not really the point of site generation, I believe. It should just work. Hopefully at some point it’ll, and then I’ll switch to Hugo. Which has a great potential.

UPDATE: After all I’ve moved to Hugo. Even though the problems weren’t solved, I’ve changed my blog to work around them. I’ll lose some hits from Google, but for this site it’s not a problem;)