Search TMs on memoQ server

Working in localization industry involves a lot of searches in the TM (Translation Memory), or TMs even. I was saying many times that memoQ is great tool, both client and server products. But what I find limiting is ability to search through TMs. You have an app for that, but it’s not very pleasant to use. Fortunately memoQ provides Resources API. Unfortunately its basic functions allow you to search TMs with the same limitations as their client app. But as it’s API you can adjust it to your needs, so I’ve done exactly that.

Behold TM Search for memoQ Server. It’s written in Go and utilizes concordance to search through TMs. Search results are accumulated into structure, cleaned (results from API have these nasty <seg> tags we don’t want) and served as a table (or set of tables for multiple TMs) on HTML page. Server is fully portable. You can compile it and run it on Windows and Linux, probably also on Mac OS.

This is nothing more than hobby project I’ve crafted in my very limited spare time, so it lacks security features (like user authentication) and wasn’t very thoroughly tested. But it works and does its job. Moreover, you can adjust it to your needs as you please, including adding GUI for your OS of choice and making it standalone app instead of server. Unless you don’t know how, then just hire an engineer!

It’s first time I’m providing full solution, instead of just general guidance, so be easy on me with eventual criticism:) Or not, how else could I learn.