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I was using Evernote few years back and then switched to OneNote. It was better in graphical organisation of the notes and its screenshooting tool is still the best. Plus I was already paying for Office so it was “free”.

Then Windows 8 happened and ruined screenshooting functionality. Now by pressing Windows+S you’re getting search instead. But I was still using it as I’ve got many notes there and UI was to my liking. And then another thing happened, I’ve started using VPN service for day-to-day browsing and guess what. MS Office isn’t playing nice with VPN connection. After yet another syncing problem I’ve switched back to Evernote.

One thing which definitely works better is spell check. In OneNote it was connected to keyboard settings, so if you, like me, are using Polish keyboard to write texts in English your spell check would be in Polish. And it’s assigned per paragraph. It was driving me nuts.

So far I’m thrilled. I’ve already written three texts using it, including this one, and it’s amazing. It’s just so easy. Sure it doesn’t have all these shiny things OneNote has, but it works and works good. I’m not sure if I would be willing to pay for premium, but not saying no. If I ever do then next step would be to find alternative to office, especially to OneDrive. Once Dropbox will match price of its competitor it would be goodbye. Who knows maybe I’ll even ditch Windows someday.