OneDrive and VPN equals problems

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If you’re using VPN which is based on OpenVPN, or anything other than Microsoft’s native VPN client where you have this magical “Use default gateway on remote network” option. And happen to use “Use following DNS server addresses” on your default network device where your VPN provider is using it’s own DNS server. Then you can encounter following message on OneDrive:


For me solution was easy. I’ve switched to “Obtain DNS server address automatically” and OneDrive is able to connect again. A bit inconvenient, but oh well, at least it’s working. I would gladly switch to Dropbox, especially that it has Linux app, but as I’m using Office365, which I really like, I have 1 TB of OneDrive space included. Where for Dropbox I would have to pay extra. And I’m a cheap person:)


Apparently problem is more complicated, but there’s a fix, however not for Windows 8:( You can read more about it here.