What's wrong with Carrie

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I’ve seen the first movie and it was great. Then I’ve read the book and it was even better. But the newest picture is just bad. On so many levels that it was barely watchable, even though I really like both actresses. Not to mention Stephen King.

It’s bad from the start. First scene, we see lady giving birth which reminds rather summoning of a daemon. After baby arrives mother tries to kill it with scissors, but stops millimeters from its face. I know that it meant to be really thrilling, but was just bad. However maybe to somebody who’ll be watching this movie with fresh mind, without seeing previous one or reading a book, it would be better.

The next really bad moment is when Carrie breaks mirror in the school’s bathroom. Nothing wrong with the scene alone, but after few days, or maybe I wasn’t paying attention and it wasn’t so long, mirror was still broken and parts of glass hanging from it. I don’t know how it is in American schools, but in mine such thing would have been replaced, or at least cleaned up, straight away with simple assumption that some kid can harm herself. But oh well, some like to live their lives dangerously.

The single point that I’ve noticed it shows that picture was weak. As usually I’m not paying attention to such details and treating movies as simple entertainment. This film is just boring. Doesn’t bring anything new. Generally it can be skipped by any real fan of Stephen King or horrors in general. I’m not even sure if you can call it a horror. The only worse King’s adaptation, from recent years at least, was Bag of Bones, but it was done for television, so completely different level.

That Mr. King did it I can understand, money is money. That Julianne Moore did it I get as well, she’s getting old after all, even though she’s extremely fit, and roles of mothers are not so bad. But that ChloĆ« Grace Moretz has done it, I can’t simply comprehend. She’s such promising young actress. Oh, well, turns out that any actor needs a bad role in his resume. I just hope it’s the last one.