What the hell Denzel?! (2 Guns)

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There are few actors and directors about whom I’m able to say, “Well, this guy (sorry, no girls here) has never released a film which was bad, I’m watching new one without any review, it must be good”. One of these actors was Denzel Washington. Was, because I’ve recently seen 2 Guns. Don’t take me wrong. It’s not so bad, I’ve actually quite enjoyed it, it was entertaining. It’s just that it involves Denzel and I really expect more from him. This guy created some great roles and now he’s obviously lowering his standards.

Picture is about two guys, one is military and other a cop, who are aiming on putting down a drug cartel boss. Soldier, played by Mark Wahlberg who’s recently taking part in quite good movies by the way, is trying to simply steal from the guy. Not for his own gain, but for the army of course. A cop, you can only guess that it’s Mr. Washington, wants… Well, surprise, surprise, put him behind bars. I’ll not go deep into the story here, as it’s not so deep anyway, but it’s enough to say that it’s quite entertaining to watch these two struggle. I would even risk a judgment here that Wahlberg as Mr. Bullseye is a bit better character (both morally and by performance) than Bobby the cop.

Generally this film is a bit like The Expendables. Some already rich and famous (and probably bored) movie stars meet and make a movie for fun. And I’m fine with it. It’s just that it’s good when others are doing it, but not my favorite Denzel. I was crying like a baby on John Q, was really thrilled by Training Day, what happened?!

Now The Equalizer is coming to theaters and I’m keeping my hopes high. I really don’t want to see another great actor going down to the Meh category. Which includes Robert De Niro, sadly.