Vince saves the day (The Internship)

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I must sadly say that recently comedies are in decline. They’re not funny anymore. There were movies where I was able to give a laugh here and there, but generally they’ve sucked. And once my hero, Vince Vaughn is no exception. His latest pictures lacked this thing which made me love him at first. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old and things are not so funny to me anymore. But no, old comedies are still good. And I can enjoy them again and again.

I was cautious as to the newest movie of Mr. Vaughn, The Internship. Especially because Owen Wilson is in there. Who was the king of funny movies once and know is just sad. So I thought that this picture would be as lame as other ones.

How wrong I was. Movie is pretty decent actually. Story is nice, quite original I would say, but only in settings. The main idea is as old as cinema itself. We have groups of young, and not so young, people competing with each other for employment at Google. Yes, Animal House in the other form. But it’s really well done. Maybe it’s not so funny to make you choke on your nachos while watching, but it’s alright. You really can make a connection with characters. And it’s not boring at all. It offers nice insight into modern problems. However doesn’t pretend to be anything more than entertainment.

While you’ll be watching it, keep attention to Yo-Yo Santos. He’s the best character in this picture. And “my mother punches harder than you” has deeper meaning with him:)