And the winner is... Amazon Prime

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Hulu was offering two months trial on their Plus service. I’ve decided to give it a try and here is what I think about it.

On plus:
- Criterion collection access - if you’re into old movies
- Full access to some shows - if you’ve missed something or want to re-watch such all time hits as Cosby Show
- You can watch Hulu on your TV or mobile device, but actually it’s also possible without Plus if you’re techie

On minus:
- You still have to watch adds. Yes, I know they’re not hiding it, so you know about it before buying. But still paying 8$/month and watch adds is wrong.
- Selection is pretty limited if you’re not into really old stuff. All new shows you’ve been probably watching regularly, so you don’t really need Plus for that.
- Probably because of this promo service sometimes is experiencing outages. I’ve been served with “this show is not available at the moment, please try again later” message way to many times. When I was using free version it almost never happened.

I’ve also had a chance to test Amazon Prime for a month and must say that they offer a lot more. No adds. Most of the shows is in HD. The selection is extraordinary, I’ve really enjoyed it. It works flawlessly, never had single problem with the service. And it costs 80$/year, so less than Hulu Plus. Hulu must really add some value soon if they want to make money on subscription.