You must have Web interface to succeed!

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I’ve checked many to-do apps so far, but I still haven’t found the perfect one. The last one I’ve been using was And it was close to perfection. It had nice UI, almost flawless functionality and felt nice.

As for functionality. Almost everything was alright, but adding items to lists sucked. I’ve had list called shopping, so I’ve clicked plus near it and added the item to it. The obvious consequence to me would be that if I add next item it would be placed in same list. But no. You needed to again tap plus next to the list to add item to it, otherwise it was added to general one. Maybe not the end of the world, but pretty annoying. Trust me.

But I was living with such inconvenience and was quite happy. As really, it was the best to-do app so far. Then I was introduced to Wunderlist and I simply fell in love at first sight. It’s maybe not perfect and certainly doesn’t look so nice as Any do. But it’s the most functional one to date. Now when you go to the list you stay there till you won’t navigate to the other one. So adding multiple items to your shopping list isn’t tiresome anymore. And it has Web interface. Not just Chrome extension, but real thing. So I can add things using real keyboard, not to mention that I can copy links and other stuff.

Maybe I’ll find better one in the future, as I’ve already done many times, but so far Wunderlist is my number one. I’m not saying that I won’t be back to Any do, especially that they’re planning to release mail service, so I’m thrilled. But definitely it won’t happen before they would create proper web interface. Till then you have one client less.

The one thing I would really miss is Any do residing in notification area of my Android phone. Brilliant idea. Wunderlist you have important thing on your to-do list!