Parenting makes you soft

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I’m a horror movies, and books, fan for like forever. I’ve liked them even when I was small kid. I was scared like hell, but I’ve still wanted to watch them as they’ve had this special magnetism. Then I’ve started to read books and of course fell in love with Stephen King’s writing. This guy could write manual to VCR and I would still read that. After some time I’ve become immune to the fear presented in picture or by letters in the book. I’ve still enjoyed them much, but they weren’t able to shock me anymore. Of course there were exceptions, like Philosophy of a Knife. Which is this kind of movie I feel that after watching it something would irreversibly switch in my head. And I don’t want that. But this is rather hardcore example. I can watch Hostel or Saw and eat anything I like.

Yesterday I’ve noticed that things changed. After watching Sinister which was quite alright despite it’s flaws, I’ve used “People who liked this also liked…” functionality on IMDB and found The Poughkeepsie Tapes. I’ve decided to give it a try. I’ve watched it for few minutes, it looks like The Blair Witch Project which is not necessary my favorite type of presentation, but can be interesting. And then it happened. The killer, who was recording his every move on tape, stopped near the house where little girl was playing on the front yard. He started to talk with her and…

And that’s it. I couldn’t go any further. I’m now a father and I just couldn’t stand to see cruelty against the child. This part of my psyche has been cured apparently. I’m no longer insensitive freak who can watch just about anything. Now there is a new border in my brain which I don’t want to cross. Do I miss the previous state? Don’t know, but I definitely love the new one. It’s rewarding and to be more sensitive is nothing to be ashamed of.