If you have an hour to spare (The Call, spoiler alert)

· by Peter · Read in about 2 min · (331 words) ·

I’ve seen several movies recently where makers obviously had no idea how to end them, but The Call is next generation. We have quite nice story. There is emergency line operator played by Halle Berry who once makes mistake during the call and as consequence young girl dies. After such shock she can’t handle calls anymore, so she resolves to teaching. And then one day killer reappears. Of course Halle is again involved and tries to save the girl from the psychopath.

This part of movie is good. Sure, you can have few complaints here and there, but it’s keeping your nerves tight. And what’s more important in such kind of movies. So for one hour we’re receiving nice entertainment. Unfortunately after that it gets worse.

We’re getting to know our psycho more and actually he’s not so interesting anymore. Turns out she had a sister who died (I believe from cancer, but it wasn’t explained) and now he kills blonde girls to scalp them. Yeah, he has this strange hair fetish. Police is smart enough to find a farm where he grew up and search it, but only our female hero can find entrance to secret basement. Of course she doesn’t call the backup, no, she wants to handle it by herself. So we have this typical scene where she fights the bad guy, saves the distressed lady and… Yeah, and then she (and the girl) decides to take revenge. So she leaves killer tied in basement. Amount of bullshit hit the roof.

It’s the same story as with Sinister, but there only last scene was ruined. It also ruined the feeling of this picture, but not as badly as it’s done in Call. Here we have complete disaster. And it’s a pity, because it could’ve been really nice movie. Don’t watch the last thirty minutes of it and you’ll be satisfied. I’m still waiting for good thriller or horror to arrive, I haven’t seen one for a long time.