Facebook is for stupid only?

· by Peter · Read in about 2 min · (250 words) ·

Well, according to the commercial above it is. But I tend to disagree. Sure there is a lot of stupid people there. And probably they’re the target of this platform as they’re spending the most of time on it. But common. Some individuals, including myself, are using it to simply stay in touch with friends and distant family, especially if you’re living abroad. And not everybody is addicted. I can live without Facebook for whatever period. But it’s nice source of entertainment and news about people I care about. However such commercials are lowering it to the level of dumb party-goers, hipsters and half-brains who cannot find any other activity for themselves than constantly reading about other peoples’ lives.

I know two people, who I really respect, who think that FB is only for lowlifes and are keeping away from it. Such videos are just making their point. And make me want to ditch it as well. It made me mad.

And just to conclude it. I’m not saying that I’m some kind of snob who only appreciates high culture, never was in a club and only theater he goes to is the real one, not movie theater. Quite contrary, I like pop culture and I’m not ashamed of it. But hey, if you’re at museum, gallery or whatever, you can at least pay attention. There are things you may like and make you better, you must just want to let it in once in a while. Don’t close yourself.