My story with Apple

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My story with Apple started late with first iPhone. I was visiting States for the second time and wasn’t planning to buy this phone. I’ve went to Apple Store to buy one for my colleague who wanted it badly. After I’ve seen it in action I’ve immediately bought one for me. And as there was purchase limit back then I wasn’t able to get one for my pal after all. I’m still feeling a bit sorry about that. Anyway, phone was brilliant and I consider it my best smartphone to date. However it was also last time I’ve bought phone from Apple as I don’t like to overpay and the new ones, especially in Europe, are too pricy. Not that first iPhone was cheap, but it had no real competition. Now when I was looking for new smartphone and saw Samsung Galaxy Note at much lower price than iPhone 4, the decision was simple. Not to mention that in my opinion Note offers more. Still IOS is much better operating system than Android and if somebody doesn’t agree then please borrow an iPhone from somebody for two days and see how it’s managing apps and how it generally feels. If you still think that Android is better then you’re Google Fanboy and I can’t possibly convince you. So if ever Apple would catch up technologically with Android phone makers and would drop prices to more reasonable level, then I’m ditching Android and getting back to IOS. However I would have to be insane to hold my breath to see it coming.

My second encounter with Apple took place few years after I’ve bought iPhone. This time it was planned. I’ve bought MacBook Pro which I’ve wanted badly. I’ve read a lot about MacOS X and really wanted to try it in action. At first I was amazed. Wow, I have UI which looks and feels better than Windows plus I can turn on Unix-like terminal whenever I want to do something more advanced, that was my thought. But soon it turned out that this computer is nothing but expensive toy. Maybe it’s the problem with my habits, as I’ve spent most of my computer related life with Windows and occasionally Bash. After playing with it for few months I’ve finally gave it to my wife and she’s very happy with it. It’s computer for people who want to check Facebook, email and surf the web. And of course it’s the best suited for all this people who want to make impression at local Starbucks. I’m not saying that it’s bad computer, because it’s not. It looks gorgeous, battery life is phenomenal, I love that it’s back from sleep in blink of an eye. It’s perfectly silent and MacOS X is really nice and almost perfectly designed. But it’s not computer for more demanding users, however I can say it only for myself. I wouldn’t buy MacBook again, definitely not for this price.

And the last thing I’ve bought from Apple was iPod Nano, I believe that it was generation four. I can say nothing more than that it’s simply brilliant. I’ve bought it for my wife and can’t imagine buying any other music player. It’s just perfect, I like everything about it. Well, the requirement of using iTunes is bad and that it connects with specific computer, so you can’t sync it anywhere. But I can live with that.

I’ve not mentioned anything about iPad. It’s because when it was released my first impression was that I wouldn’t ever need a tablet. Later I’ve changed my mind and bought tablet, but with Android. And now I know, that I wouldn’t ever need iPad, but tablets are pretty nice.

Why am I writing all this stuff? Because I’m reading biography of Steve Jobs and felt the need for recollection. I generally like Apple products, but I think that they’re really overpriced and you can get better value by buying something else. Not to mention that Apple customers are rather like religious cult than reasonable buyers and I would rather not be part of this group.

PS. To all fans of Android. I know that you’re probably furious that I’ve said that IOS is better than your beloved OS. But I really think that and it’s my opinion. This is however not to say that Android is bad. It’s very good mobile OS and I already have second phone with it, plus tablet. And my next phone would most definitely also be with Android. I just think that this OS still needs a little polish and that it’s too divided, every phone maker has its own kind.