Bond hit the new bottom (Skyfall, spoilers)

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I can say to myself, I’ve told you so. I don’t like Craig as a Bond, I simply hate this lady as M, but I’ve still watched new ones as it was good fun. And I like to relax from time to time. Comparing to old ones everything was worse, even girls, but it was watchable. What they’ve done in Skyfall is simply ridiculous.

Bond is shot in the first minutes of the movie, falls into the river and we’re expected to believe that he’s dead. I don’t know how this scene could keep anybody anxious, if he has at least half of a brain. It’s the main character, so it’s obvious that he must survive. Then we have new Bond’s girl who survives maybe 20 minutes of the movie. Maybe this should’ve shocked me, it didn’t. Another idiotic thing happened when they’ve brought bad guy to London, to new MI6 headquarters, and hooked his computer to their own network. Which was connected to all security systems, including door locks. Who does something like that? You could expect it from script kiddie, but not from high level espionage agency. Oh, and let’s not forget about new Q, who looks just like Harry Potter. And is really brilliant. He says James to jump the subway train just after it started to move. Even though it was obvious that the bad guy is there. But hey, it’s a geek in a glasses, so he probably doesn’t see much. Have I’ve mentioned that he’s the very genius who connected malicious computer to MI6 network? Yes, it’s him, and he also claimed that he designed the security system used by Silva. Really smart guy alright.

Acting is just bad in this movie. It feels plastic. And I really don’t know why such an actor as Ralph Fiennes took part in it. OK, I know, but really, doesn’t he got enough money already. Then there is Daniel who is average actor and plays average in here. Mrs. Dench is actually quite good actress, but she simply doesn’t fit into this role. M should be a man, period. We have a lot of dead dialogs and completely missed one-liners. They are so bad that after watching the film I can’t recall any of them. And add to that the little piece of poetry M is reciting at the hearing. Really? You couldn’t think of anything better. Let’s not waste more time writing about this calamity. It’s just bad. And the worst part was at the end when you can read that Bond would be back. Oh, no!

I still hope that somebody would save the series by ditching Mr. Craig, bringing back the gadgets and entire magic. But my hope is weak as this thing got 7.910 rating on IMDB at the time of writing this post. What happened with you people? Where is your taste?!

UPDATE: You must watch this trailer, it shows perfectly what this movie really is:)