It would be better if more real (Sinister, spoiler alert)

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The last few years were really bad for horror movies. There was almost nothing good. As I love the genre I’m always trying to catch every piece of good film I’m able to find. So I’ve watched Sinister recently and must say it was quite alright. I believe my judgement is blurred by lack of any alternative. The latest horror I’ve seen was the one with Mr. Potter and I really want to forget about this waste of time. Oh, and there was also The Cabin in the Woods, but it’s more a comedy/teen movie/soft porn/slasher. And slasher is not a horror for me. I need to be scared, not disgusted.

Story is pretty cool, at least first part. We have a writer who’s investigating strange murders. And he found really interesting serial killer. Guy is killing families with at least two children, he’s quite inventive as for the methods of annihilation and always takes the youngest child with him. So far so good. Mentioned novelist, played by Ethan Hawke who definitely had better roles, finds a set of movies on the attic of his new house. Have I mentioned that the house he moved into with his family, yes, two children, is the one where last murder took place? I haven’t? Sorry. So on these films we can see killed families and the way how they were killed. I haven’t seen something made so good for a long time. It’s really chilling experience. On some frames we can see murderer who looks like a guy from Scream, but his mask is a little bit scarier. There is mystery, there is thrill. Everything you need in good horror movie. And then it gets worse. It turns out that the killer is not some psycho, but a ghoul. Ancient creature who eats children. We receive some usual scenes with university professor who investigates such things and gives us lecture about symbols and legends. Blah, blah. Then our writer realizes that this creature actually exists and runs away with his family to their old house. But surprise. This is exactly what Mr. Boogey, he’s called like that by scared children from killed families, wants. Because we have pattern here, figured out by semi-intelligent deputy sheriff. Every family lived in the place previous family was killed in. So now creature can move to new location. And he does. Final scene is just ridiculous as daughter of the writer puts entire family to sleep with some glowing, green slime and kills them with an axe. Oh, and there is also final appearance of a freak on end credits where his face, in mask, shots on screen. It supposed to be scary, but was just lame.

When I’m reading what I’ve written above it turns out that this movie is much worse than I originally thought. But it isn’t. It’s quite good. The actors are well chosen, however scenes with son of our novelist are really bad. Scenery is good. As I’ve mentioned this small family films on super 8 tape are simply brilliant. It’s just that this picture would’ve been a lot better if they’ve made it about real, human, serial killer. Without all this metaphysical crap. Still, it’s worth to watch. And hey, it’s horror movie, it has to be unrealistic. Right?