I love auto support systems (Skype)

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I’m happy user of Windows 8, really. It’s nice OS, definitely worth 30 Euro I’ve paid for it. It has this nice feature that you can put one Windows App (yeah, it must be app of new type) on 14 of the screen and second one (any app this time) on the rest. So you can surf the web and chat without switching between windows. Works nice, feels nice, love it. As there is new Skype app and I’m using it a lot I’ve decided to try. And well, Skype for Windows 8 works good, looks great, but has no notifications about incoming messages. Which sucks and makes it pretty useless for me. I’ve wanted to share my grief with the public, what do we have Internet for anyway, so I’ve posted my thoughts on Twitter. And here is the reply from Skype support, it’s automatic and totally unrelated, but made my evening:)

Skype support in action

UPDATE: To be fair I must admit that Skype live support is OK. I’ve contacted them last week as I’ve wanted to disconnect one of my Skype accounts from my MS account and it was very pleasant experience, my issue was solved quite smoothly.