From wimp to motherf... (Killer Joe) (Spoilers)

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For a long time Matthew McConaughey was for me symbol of wimp, the actor who can play action hero only for women audience, love boy. I’ve thought the same about Ben Affleck and I’ve changed my mind, but it’s subject for another post. Now I’ve changed my mind about Mr. McConaughey. It started with The Lincoln Lawyer which was good movie, but still not it. But after seeing “Killer Joe” I can honestly say that he’s the man.

Story is maybe not great, but pretty decent. Some white trash gets into trouble with gang boss, he owes him money. With his father they’re deciding to kill a mother/ex-wife to have 50 thousands dollars from her insurance policy for which beneficiary is sister/daughter. Girl is a little bit slow, her mother tried to kill her, and generally approves the idea. Of course they’re too stupid to kill anybody, so here comes the Killer Joe. Who is a cop, but it’s not used a lot in the picture, and real psycho, what is exploited to maximum. Joe wants 25 grands in advance, but as they don’t have it, he accepts girl as deposit. Yeah, he’s such sick bastard. Then situation gets complicated as he kills the lady, but gang doesn’t get the money. It turns out that beneficiary is not the daughter, but boyfriend. Who, what a coincidence, set the idea in the brothers little mind and recommended him Mr. Joe. I would not spoil everything, but I must add that the movie ends with nasty fight scene as Joe doesn’t like when somebody is trying to screw him over.

Picture is really good. Thomas Haden Church is great as white trash father. But he has experience playing dumb people as he was Lowell in Wings. I was entertained all the time, what doesn’t happen very often recently. And McConaughey as killer is simply the best. He’s natural.