What I don't like about Smthngs

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I’ve tried a lot of online task managers, but each one of them had some flaws. Usually either it was need of special app installation on desktop or that it wasn’t free (biggest issue). So I was really happy when Android Police recommended Smthngs. Fully online, free and with nice looking app for my phone. What do you need more? It turns out that few things. Below is the list of issues I’ve found in this service.
1. Completed tasks don’t auto archive. Sure you can press just one button to do that (well, then you also need to confirm), but in my opinion it should be done automatically. Anyway it’s not the biggest problem. What’s really annoying is the fact that not archived tasks would still send you reminders, even though they’re completed. Pretty stupid if you ask me.
2. When you are adding new task it’s always set for whole day. To set specific time you need to hit the button and input the time precisely. Some kind of drop down or at least not editable “:” sign with tab highlighted fields on both sides would be welcome.
3. You can’t edit/delete tags. Or I don’t know how.

Other than that I really like the tool and I would continue to use it. It’s the most user friendly task manager I’ve seen so far. But I would welcome possibility to sync with Outlook.

UPDATE: I’ve switched to Astrid and so far I’m quite happy with it.