My adventure with Diablo 3

· by Peter · Read in about 2 min · (315 words) ·

As Diablo 3 is extremely popular these days I’ve decided to give it a try. But as it’s quite expensive right now, I’ve obtained guest pass just to check if it’s worth the money. At first I couldn’t install it because installer wasn’t able to connect to Internet. I’ve tried everything. I’ve even let this thing to go outside of my firewall, without results. Then I’ve read somewhere, Google again was my best friend, that this setup thingy takes network settings from Internet Explorer. Eureka! I’m using FoxyProxy on my Chrome, and as Chrome uses the same settings as IE it blocks IE completely from accessing the Internet (because IE has no access to FoxyProxy settings in Chrome). As a result it blocks Diablo installer as well. So I’ve disabled it and finally there was connection. But then I’ve got another error that setup can’t update files. As I was out of strength I’ve stopped trying.

Few days ago I’ve bought myself new hard drive, so I decided to setup OS on it from scratch. As it solved many problems for me, for instance constantly crashing Origin app, I’ve decided to give Diablo another chance. And voila! It got installed, this time without problems. I was so happy, finally I could try this hellish thing. But then another problem appeared. I’ve downloaded English US client as I prefer this language version, but on Battle Net I’ve used guest pass from EU version. So my client got updated to the newest patch, but it’s not yet available in Europe. So I can connect only to US servers, but I can’t as my license only works with EU. Madness! I’ve uninstalled this stupid thing and don’t want to hear about this game anymore!

Again, big thanks to Wieniu who gave me guest pass and saved me a lot of money which I would consider thrown into garbage.