Kindle app can now read comics, but with glitch

· by Peter · Read in about 1 min · (200 words) ·

Today I’ve read on Wired that Kindle App has been updated with ability to read comics. Yay! I’ve said, or rather thought, and updated it immediately. And indeed Panel View works great. Reading is pretty smooth. But there is one glitch. I can only read on my phone or in Cloud Reader. No option for tablet. At first I’ve thought that it’s just about my device. But no, some titles, like A Game of Thrones, can be downloaded to tablet. But majority, read - the ones I care about, have only two options mentioned before. So I’m a little bit disappointed, but at least there is some movement in the right direction. And I don’t know if Amazon is doing it because they want to push sales of Kindle Fire, or it’s just publishers will (however I don’t think so), but it really sucks. Oh well, if somebody doesn’t want my money I’ll go elsewhere.

UPDATE: It can be publisher’s choice, as for instance Batman: Earth One can be send to tablet. But I find it pretty weird.

UPDATE2: OK, today I can see all previously not available comic books as deliverable to tablet. So everything is working perfectly now.