Prometheus, small disappointment (spoilers)

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I saw Prometheus the other day and I must say that it was disappointment. Don’t take me wrong, movie is good, it’s beautiful. However you can for sure save some money and go to 2D version, 3D is lame in this picture. By all means this movie was made correct, what’s not surprising as mister Scott is experienced director and for sure has no problems gaining funds. But correct is not enough in this case. I was expecting something more. I wanted it to kick me in crotch, shock me, make me say wow at least once. But it didn’t. I’ve hoped that it would be next Alien, but it’s not.

Let me point just few things to support what I’ve written above.
Story - not bad, but nothing special either. A pair of scientists finds pattern in ancient drawings from different ages. Different civilizations are depicting the same scene, giant creature pointing to some star/planet constellation. After few years some reach guy funds them a trip to mentioned place in space. They land on some moon and find network of tunnels in the mountain, which later turns out to be a spaceship. When they enter they see holographic recording of these giants running from something. They find room filled with strange containers and statue of big head. Then a little bit of action happens, some guys got attacked by strange thing, other one gets infected with the liquid from mentioned containers, then his girl who is infertile gets pregnant. You know usual stuff. It’s actually the best moment of the movie. Something finally happens. But drama leaves as fast as it was built. And for the rest of the movie the events are not making any impression, at least on me. Maybe I’m strange. But I simply didn’t care about the characters, so when they were dying it was as if somebody would kill bugs. Not to mention that few situations were pretty predictable, like that this old man who funds the expedition is still alive and on board, or that he’s a father of queen of ice. At some point we meet “the engineer” who as every high evolved creature starts to blindly kill our crew members. The end is just as typical as it can be, with open doors just in case this movie would make good money, and it would probably make, so sequel would be possible. As it’s already prequel, I don’t know how they would make sequel, but masterminds from Hollywood would figure something out. Well, I’ve started saying that story is not bad, but then kicked it to the ground. It really isn’t bad, and I like such kind of stories as it’s base of science fiction genre. But there should be something which would be special, so I could remember this movie. Unfortunately there wasn’t.

Characters - weird. Some of them were there just to fill the space I believe. I was especially intrigued by Janek. As he’s black captain with Polish name. Quite untypical combination, black and Polish, not Polish and captain:) But it was never explained who he is and where is he from. Or I’ve missed it. Which is also possible, as I was busy eating nachos. The girl who plays with fire was not interesting, however I really like this actress. Meredith Vickers was beautiful as always, but character was quite shallow. The only one “good” member of the crew was David the android, but still Bishop was better.

Scenery and special effects - I can’t say anything bad about it. Everything was looking simply gorgeous. Special effects were great, maybe just that there wasn’t too many of them. But you can probably pass on 3D. To be honest after Avatar I haven’t seen single movie which 3D version would impress me.

So really this is not a bad movie. It’s just that I’ve expected more, much more. Maybe I was naive, but I’ve really believed that such awaited picture would be great.