Good beginning, the middle, but the end... (Hunger Games, possible spoilers)

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At first I must admit that I haven’t read the book. I wanted to as it was recommended by a lot of people whose opinion I value. But the way it’s written is not acceptable for me. Narration is in first person in present time. I’ve considered audiobook for a while, but decided that I even can’t listen to it. Anyway, to my rescue movie was released. I don’t know how much it’s basing on book, but I believe it’s pretty much it.

It’s beginning slowly with introduction of the world where districts must send their children to fight for death. Generally it’s populated by poor ones and there is minority of insanely rich (and indeed insane) in Capitol. You can feel the tension and lack of hope. There is also complicated relation between our heroin and her mother which is not exactly explained, but I believe book covers it. Scene of choosing “fighters” has been well done and I’ve bought it. They could disallow this guy to walk Katniss’s sister to her mother. Boy hasn’t yet been chosen, so they shouldn’t allow them to walk around. But it’s just book for kids.

Central part of the movie is filled with training, introduction of our heroes and battle. Or rather survival camp with addition of fights. Training part is alright. Introduction of the fighters as well. We learn more about the world, however not so much. It’s a little too long, but not so long to make one yawn. The action part is “fun”. Sometimes it’s maybe to touchy, but I’ve enjoyed it. It started correct emotions in me and I like to feel something when watching a movie. It doesn’t happen a lot recently, that’s a pity.

And then there was ending. I know that it’s book for teenagers and probably competitor of Twilight, but after such a good story ending should be better. As Peeta character was pretty shady I’ve thought that there would be some twist involving him, but no. Then as he said at the beginning of training that he would want to do something that would show authorities that they don’t own him, I’ve thought that in final scene he would throw himself with this bad guy into the jaws of “monsters” to save the lady. But no. Instead we’ve had a touchy ending using poisonous berries as a tool to extort release of both of them (Romeo and Juliet?). I know that it leaves open doors and there is second part to the story. But it could be so much more interesting the other way, and still second part could be quite interesting and possible.

I must also say that I’m shocked with what they’ve did to Elizabeth Banks, who is real beauty, in this movie. She wears more or less a ton of make-up, hideous clothes and anti-rapes (we call this stockings-like socks like that in Poland). At first I haven’t even recognized her. I would have to check in book if this character really looks like that.

And Woody Harrelson, he was awesome in this picture. But he usually is.

Yeah, I know that I’m whining (as usual) and author probably knows better (she sold a lot of books after all), but I’ve felt that something is missing after story has finished. Still it was great 2+ hours of fun and both me and my wife gave it 810.