Is safe?

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I saw following search phrase in Google Analytics “ is it safe” for my site. I’ve checked it in Google if you can learn anything about it from other sites and as I’ve expected, you can’t (my site isn’t too popular after all). So let me try to answer it. I know that I wouldn’t be objective as site is mine, but I’ll try to reply as best as I can.

First of all, I don’t fully understand what should it mean that it’s safe. It’s site which hosts your text and allows you to share it on Facebook or Twitter. It does nothing else. If you want to know if there is any malicious code in it, I can tell you that there isn’t, but you can only rely on my word on this matter as it hasn’t been checked by any third party so far. If you’re worried, you can always block JavaScript on it (using special add-on in your browser), you’ll loose this “cool” window which appears after clicking Tweet button, but you’ll feel safer. Other than that there is only small piece of JS for Google Analytics and I don’t mind if you’ll block it as stats for this site are pretty poor anyway. Rest of the site is written entirely in PHP, so code is executed on the server not in your browser.

If you’re worried about your content. Well, it’s not a place to keep anything sensitive. Anybody who knows the address to your text can access it. It would be rather hard to guess as it consist of quite long hash, but if you’ll share link on other page there is always possibility that it could be accessed by someone who shouldn’t read it. Good advice, if you’re worried about your text being read by someone who shouldn’t don’t put it here. I’m also not interested in your content, so you don’t have to worry about me stealing your work. But as it was mentioned earlier I can’t promise that somebody else wouldn’t “steal” it.

Last thing I can think of is abuse. If you feel that any text hosted on the site is abusive, breaks the law, is offending you, etc. please send email to fb(at) and after analyzing your request I’ll either delete mentioned text or leave it.

I hope that I’ve put at least ray of light on the matter. If anyone has questions please put them in the comments and I’ll try to reply.

As this is first post in 2012 let me wish you a Happy New Year!