Maybe you'll save some money (ezPDF Reader)

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Recently I’ve bought ezPDF Reader as I was pretty frustrated with the way Adobe Reader is navigating through PDFs. I’ve bought full version, because I’ve thought why not. It’s cool to add some notes from time to time and it’s not so much more expensive than Lite version.

There is one glitch however. When I’m opening PDF which was scanned (not created from real text) in Adobe Reader and zooming it, reader is trying (and usually succeeds) to smooth the text. When doing the same in ezPDF Reader text stays as is, so depending on magnification it could be completely unreadable. It’s big problem for me.

I would still recommend Lite version as navigation is perfect comparing to Adobe. And you have text reflow, if you need it. But if most of your PDFs are scanned pages then stay with Adobe.

[UDPATE] OK, now I’m pissed off. ezPDF Reader is on sale right now (December 14th) and costs only 0.1$! I’ve wasted money, but who knew:(