Check who you got IP from

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Few days ago I’ve received email from my hosting provider (where I have my VPS, used only as proxy) that they were informed by some company (let them be anonymous this time) about copyright infringement taking place on my server. At thirst I was confused, then I’ve became shocked. As I have no HTTP or FTP server on my VPS installed, I’ve thought that it got compromised. So I’ve checked logs, folders, but found nothing. I’m using only 700 MB from 25GB provided disk space, so it would be rather easy to spot a porn movie (this was content they were referring to) on the drive. Then I’ve checked Google and I’ve found info that some image hosting site was using my IP before me and it was them who were hosting this movie (or just a screenshots from it, email was not very descriptive).

It calmed me down. But I thought that if I would host some serious content on my server I would probably not be very fond of being identified with site hosting porn. But what can you do. Number of IPv4 addresses is decreasing daily, so reuse (quite quick reuse) is inevitable. Maybe next time I would just do some quick query on Google after some ISP would assign me IP address.