Movie better than a book (sometimes)

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Some time ago I’ve bought “Casino Royale” by Ian Fleming. There was this promo on Amazon, so it cost only 3$ and I’ve said to myself why not. I’ve seen all Bond’s movies already, and liked them a lot (most of them at least), so why not to end this little ignorance and read the book it was based on. So I did. And I liked it, however movie not so much. Daniel Craig as Bond is not for me, and it was more action movie than typical Bond fantasy. I’ve liked the story, the way author written it. The details, like how to play Baccarat or how to make James self-invented drink. Yes, 007 was not always drinking Martini. He had his own drink, and after reading the novel I know why he stopped drinking it. It was intense, movie was shallow. And the best part of this story was that Bond wasn’t a super hero there, he was normal guy (well trained, but still human) with his doubts.

Then I’ve reached for another book about secret agent, “Live and Let Die”. And I was disappointed. I haven’t even finished it, I’ve left it in half-way. It was different. It lacked this special feeling. This time book was shallow, or maybe I just wasn’t in a mood.

Anyway, for now statistics look like this. I like all older Bond movies, even the ones with Pierce Brosnan. My favorite actor in that role is Sir Roger Moore, not Sean Connery. I hate all new ones with Daniel Craig, he’s just creepy as Bond, however he’s good actor in every other role. As for books, I love Casino Royale, and I believe for some time it would stay the only book of Ian Fleming I’ve read. Maybe it’s my ignorance again, but I really don’t find this peculiar kind of magic in it, which I found in movies.