O365 first impression

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Since yesterday I’m a happy subscriber of Office 365 P1 plan. I now have 25 GB Exchange mailbox (using only 0,5 GB), Lync IM (awesome), Sharepoint site (quite useless), and access to Office web apps (which are free anyway). As I’m “half American” I was able to buy it for only 6,38 USD, which is a little less than what I was paying Apps4Rent (6,95). I’m pretty happy with the service, setup went smooth. I was even able to trick O365 a little, so my domain is still managed by my main hosting service, but I have all records as they should be. If you have your domain elsewhere and want to keep it there, but you want to use it for O365 services do as follows:
1. Add domain to O365, using TXT verification option.
2. Create TXT record in your DNS manager as instructed by MS.
3. Finish domain verification in O365, but don’t change DNS servers for your domain as instructed.
4. Go to domain management in O365 and re-create all records you see there in your main DNS manager. It works like a charm.

I’ve already migrated my mailbox and everything works fine, finally autodiscovery fully works. Only one thing is annoying me, my categories (created in Outlook) aren’t syncing with the server (so I’m not able to see them in OWA). But hopefully I would be able to fix it soon.