London is going trance?

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In March I was on concert of London Elektricity (actually it was only Tony Colman and MC Wrec, but it was live and it was awesome). Now they’ve released new album Yikes!, so I’ve bought it. Especially because of beautiful voice of Elsa Esmeralda. Find the sample below:

I like this record, not all tracks, but most of them. I give it 810. However there is one thing which bothers me:

What the hell is it?! Tiesto came to pay a visit? Trance on my drum and bass album, trance from one of my favorite musicians? I hope that it just slipped there because some guy in studio had a strange sense of humor. I refuse to take any other explanation. Don’t mix trance with d’n’b, ever!

I have nothing against trance, I’m listening to it with pleasure, but not mixed with d’n’b.

PS. Buy the album! It’s really worth it.