Motorola has lame software update process

· by Peter · Read in about 1 min · (143 words) ·

I’m happy owner of Motorola Defy Android phone. It’s great, the best phone after IPhone I’ve ever had. I like almost everything in it, but definitely not Motorola Software Update. It’s software for updating phone’s system. I know that there is such option in phone itself, but for unknown reason it can’t connect with update server. So I’ve downloaded special software for my PC to update my phone from it. Usage is simple, launch the app, connect your phone to PC via USB, click next to check for the updates. It’s doing its job quite fast, so why do I grumble? Because these app is restarting phone every time it finishes operation, even if there is no update. So if you want just to check for new updates, and there isn’t any, you’ll still end up with your phone restarted. I hate it!