Security breach at GoGrid?

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On Monday I’ve received a call from my bank with information that my credit card details were stolen by third party, so they’ve blocked it and new one would be issued within a week. I was quite surprised and even suspected a fraud at first, but guy hasn’t asked me about any personal information, so no red light.

On Tuesday my mother sent me an email with attached scan of document received from GoGrid. They’ve stated there that my account has been compromised (well, that it has been accessed by third party), so my credit card information has been exposed (but not CVV number, how wonderful:P). There was also information that they’ve identified the problem and will fix it. Full scan below.

Page 1.
Page 2.

On the second page they’ve offered me a code to create account on for a year for free. It’s nice gesture, however as I’m not US citizen it’s useless to me. I’m quite angry, because now I’m without credit card for a week, luckily my wife has another one (yes, we Europeans don’t have thousands of credit cards). And there is also a lesson for me here. I was not using services of GoGrid for some time already, so I should’ve deleted my account there, but I didn’t:( Remember kids always delete accounts for services you’re no longer using, especially when your credit card info is there. However I don’t know if it would have helped here as GoGrid could still keep my cc info somewhere, who knows. My new rule then, think twice before subscribing to any service which doesn’t offer PayPal.

If someone wants code for TrueCredit just leave a comment and I’ll mail it to you.