Firefox 4. Too soon?

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Finally we have Firefox 4 here, it was delayed several times and I have a feeling that main reason that it was finally released was release of Internet Explorer 9. Why I think so? Because among many advantages new Firefox has few flaws. Let me list them here:
1. When I’m opening a site which has Facebook applet which shows you people who liked it, Firefox is opening this applet also in new tab. Only this applet. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s quite annoying when it does.
2. SiteAdvisor add-on is working on my Firefox at home, but at work it says that due to instability in Firefox 4 this add-on needs to be disabled. Both browsers are at the same version. It’s fixed now.
3. Sometimes Often when I’m clicking link on the page browser opens it, but “forgets” the previous one. So no go back one page functionality is available. It’s especially irritating when using Google.
4. FireFTP add-on crashes when transferring file using SFTP. Actually entire Firefox is crashing:( Fixed! Now this add-on works even faster than on FF 3.*:)
5. Home button on the right side, I’ve really got used to having it on the left, it’s hard to switch now.

I still love it and I’m using it every day, but they should first polish the product before releasing it. But I know that they didn’t want to be late. OK, to not be the grumbler here, I’ll list what I like in new Firefox:
1. Speed, it’s visibly faster than previous version.
2. New add-ons management. It’s awesome, this is how it should’ve been done from the beginning.
3. Minimalistic UI, now I have more place for my pages.
4. Animation when launching/closing a tab:) It’s useless, but I like it.
5. Back and forward buttons have history visible only when you’ll keep them pushed for a moment, no more trying to target this small arrow next to the button (love it!).
6. Ability to pin most frequently used web apps to tab toolbar, so they’re always open when browser starts. Using OWA and Google Reader is smoother now:)

Firefox 4 is very good browser which I would recommend to anybody, but they could have fixed these annoying issue before the release. Still better than IE 9 though:P