Hard times for Azeroth?

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Today I’ve received email from Blizzard saying that they want me back to Azeroth (World of Warcraft):
Hard time for Azeroth

I haven’t been playing WoW for quite time now, and I’ve never was dedicated player, so I wonder if maybe they’re experiencing some shortage of users. Who knows, I wouldn’t find out as I’m not planning to come back, WoW is too much time consuming (and to be honest quests are a little bit boring).

It’s shame that they didn’t want me back so badly when I was having problems remembering my password. I was struggling with support who wanted me to send them some sort of photo id (my rule is “if you don’t require such kind of identification during registration, you wouldn’t get it later”, that’s why my PayPal account was suspended for half a year, but I was tough) and was left alone with trying to guess my security question (I’m always forgetting it:P).