How Mozilla reviews Firefox add-ons

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Recently I’ve created three add-ons for Firefox. Two of them were submitted for preliminary review and they’ve passed it without problems. One was submitted for full review from the beginning. I was quite surprised when my add-on MovieSearch haven’t passed full review, because (let me quote Mozilla reviewer here):
It is unclear to us at this time if your add-on will be useful for a general audience so that it warrants public listing. We’re granting you preliminary review only, but encourage you to promote your listing so that it garners more active users and user reviews. You may re-nominate your add-on once there is more proof of its usefulness.

OK, fair enough. This add-on is really simple and I’ve made it generally for myself, so maybe it’s not so useful to other people. But my other add-on Facebook Text Hoster passed full review without any problems. And statistics for these two add-ons are as follows:
Mozilla add-ons

As you can see MovieSearch has 128 weekly downloads and 31 active users, but Facebook Text Hoster has only 7 weekly downloads and 0 active users. So I don’t get it. Nobody is using my second add-on, but it passes review. Then 31 people are using MovieSearch, but it fails the review because it’s unclear that people would find it useful. Really strange.

I’m happy that Mozilla reviewers like my Facebook Text Hoster add-on as it’s addition to mine site, so it’s worth more to me than add-on which is redirecting you to movie sites everybody knows well. Still I don’t know why such decision was made. Maybe the key is in submission to full review omitting preliminary one. Well, as my third add-on PrzetĹ‚umacz z is currently awaiting full review, I’ll soon find out. Now I’m a little confused.

UPDATE: So my the last of my add-ons has been fully reviewed and failed to pass. It was failed by the same guy who passed Facebook Text Hoster add-on, so I really don’t get the logic behind it. Well, at least one of my add-ons has gained approval, still good as for the debut:)