My first Firefox add-on!

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Since December I was planning to write my own add-on for Firefox. I’m often reading a site where people post movie titles with dots between words instead of space, it was quite annoying to me, however it’s not a big issue. But I also wanted to be able to search for a movie title on my favorite site ( quicker. Previously I’ve needed to copy the title, navigate to site, paste title in search bar then hit enter. Uff, a lot things to do. Of course there is a search add-on to add FilmWeb to Firefox search bar, but then I must switch it when I want to find something in Google instead. That’s why my add-on has been developed. It works pretty simple, you select the text you want to search for, right click on it and click either “Find on” or “Find on” (yes, is also supported:)). As it’s my first creation for Firefox, hopefully not last one, I’m pretty excited. It’s now under review by Mozilla, but if you want to try it (and trust me:P) you can download it from here:
Yeah, I’ve called it MovieSearch, very originally.

This add-on was developed thanks to this tutorial “How to develop a Firefox extension”.