Wake up your PC from WD MyBook WE

Do you want to have access to your PC from remote location, but don’t need it to be on 24h per day? And you happen to have WD MyBook WE? Then here is solution how to wake up your computer using your network storage device. Follow steps below.

  1. Enable Wake on LAN functionality on your PC - description here.
  2. Obtain MAC address of your network card - ipconfig /all. Your MAC will be visible as Physical Address.
  3. Enable SSH on your MyBook (can be done from web control panel) and redirect port 22 to it on your router, so it’ll be accessible from Internet.
  4. Install Optware Software Packages - description here.
  5. Install wakelan package - /opt/bin/ipkg install wakelan.

Now to hibernate your computer remotely execute: %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState. You can create shortcut for this.

To wake up your computer log into your MyBook via SSH and execute: /opt/bin/wakelan -b -m 00:33:20:45:64:BB -p 30
-b - points to broadcast address in your network.
-m 00:33:20:45:64:BB - is MAC address of your PC’s network card.
-p 30 - is port which you want to use for wake up, must be enabled on PC’s firewall.

In this manual I’ve assumed that you already have configured connection to your network from the Internet. Enjoy!