Office 365 for 1 user

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I’m subscribing Technet Magazine (both US and Polish) and recently I’ve read that Office 365 is planned to be available for single user (well one person company). It was good news for me as I’m currently using Hosted Exchange from third party provider and I would really want to switch to Microsoft Exchange Online (which currently is offered to minimum 5 users). But in the same post there was written that 5 user minimum would still be valid, so I was confused. As I’m reading blog of Mariusz Kedziora and he happens to be editor of Polish Technet Magazine I’ve written to him with request to clarify it a little. His response was that 5 user minimum would stay and he wanted me to point him to paragraph where I’ve read about single user. I’ve sent him excerpt and lost any hope as he was not replying. But today I’ve received email from Marcin G√≥rny (Advocacy Specialist - whatever that means) and he confirmed that indeed there is a plan to introduce single user version, but currently he can’t share any more information.

I must say that I’m impressed by customer care in MS. They really treated my query seriously, plus answer is quite satisfying. I would be looking forward for next message with more details (will share of course) and for the service itself. Nice MS!

I’ve never heard back from MS about Office 365, but I’ve received an invitation to try it and now I can see price. It’s 6,35 Euro (including tax), so around 9 USD. Quite expensive comparing to my current plan with Apps4Rent (6,95 USD), but if it’s for company I believe 2 dollars per user is not much. And you’re receiving IM in OWA as you’re gaining access to Lync service (which is quite amazing). There is also Sharepoint site you can use, but I don’t find it much useful. Conclusion, good offer for companies, still sucks for single user (if you care about 2 USD per month).
O365 pricing

If you’re from USA then the price for you is $6.38. So once again Europe is screwed:(