Spoiler Alert: Worst job in the world (Buried)

· by Peter · Read in about 2 min · (365 words) ·

I’ve seen Buried the other day, pretty nice movie, I really recommend it. It’s about the guy who is driver in Iraq (not a soldier). One day his convoy gets attacked, all his colleagues (well almost all) get killed, but he ends up buried alive in coffin. Quite good drama, as he is struggling with time to get himself out of the grave. He has a cell phone so he is in contact with tormentors and people who can help him. As usually it’s about the money, kidnappers want five million dollars, but quickly get down to one. Still US government doesn’t want to pay as they’re not negotiating with terrorist.

But what really struck me was conversation between Paul (guy in coffin) and representative of his employer. Lawyer (or somebody from legal department) tricks our victim, so he confess that he was aware of the risk of going to Iraq, then informs him that he was laid off (before he got kidnapped of course) because of suspicion of affair between him and his female colleague (who also was held for a ransom, but got killed). That’s why his life insurance is not valid anymore and his family wouldn’t receive anything. This scene really hit me. I can’t imagine how rotten a man must be to accept the job which involves cheating of people who are about to die. To take away all his hopes, the last chance that even if he wouldn’t make it at least his loved ones will have money to live, will be safe. In my opinion such guys are not better than terrorists, maybe even worse. Terrorists at least have some reasons, but such a lawyer is driven only by money. This scares me, a lot.

As I’ve marked this post with spoiler alert, I can let you know that Paul dies at the end. Help seems to be very close (he’s on call with them), but then they realize that they were searching the wrong place. Here is another good moment, if you’ve watched the movie with caution, as they’re finding other guy who as they told was already safe (another lie). So our victim dies. No happy end.