No 3G without Wifi (on Kindle)

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I love Amazon Kindle. This device is almost perfect. However I’ve found one “flaw” recently. We’ve bought additional Kindle (3G) for my wife’s sister and as it was a gift I’ve de-registered it from my Amazon account. Unfortunately it appears that if Kindle is not registered you can’t use 3G (it’s quite logical, Amazon protects their business), but the fact that it can’t be used even for registration is a little strange. I’ve worked for main telecom in Poland and even their ADSL (very poor service) had feature which enabled you to connect to registration page without being registered (as you must be able to create user in order to access the service). With Kindle you must use Wifi, and as I was at my mother’s who has no wireless it wasn’t possible to do so. It for sure isn’t big disadvantage, if you’ll not de-register Kindle when buying it you’ll not face the problem. But if you bought the device on Internet auction (popular way of buying Kindle in Poland) keep in mind that you’ll need Wifi before you’ll be able to use 3G. I find it very strange and irrational.

UPDATE: I’ve forgot to mention that you’ll need also credit card assigned to your Amazon account in order to register Kindle (it’s not so obvious for people outside US).

UPDATE2: It turns out that I was wrong. This Kindle was just broken, 3G module. As my wife’s sister wasn’t very willing to give it back, it was solved just few days ago. Amazon sent us new Kindle and I can now confirm that registration using 3G is possible, and you don’t need Wifi for it. I must add that Amazon has best customer service I’ve ever seen!