King isn't like wine

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In one of my posts I’ve complaint that I feel too old for reading King. But now I’ve changed my mind. Stephen King is getting old and he is nothing like wine. I’ve recently read The Long Walk (BTW first book I’ve read on my Kindle:)) and now I’m reading Salem’s Lot, and must say that I’m amazed. These books are really good, so I’m still in mood for good horror book, but my favorite author is not writing them anymore. I can see that he switched to mode known as “good enough”. His newest novels are not bad, still better than books of many other writers, but for King they’re average. In his old books he put this depth when describing characters and reader could really feel the spirit of small towns where usually action is based. However it’s hard to tell for somebody like me who never lived in typical American town. I don’t feel this in his new novels. But maybe it’s temporary and it’ll be better, everyone has ups and downs. I hope so as he’s still my favorite writer. And if not I still have a lot of his old books to read in my queue:)

BTW: I’ve noticed that Mr. King has a new hobby. He now tries his strength as an actor. His appearance in episode of Sons of Anarchy was pretty impressive (he was a guy hired to get rid of a corpse). This guy is perfect to play such roles. They should give him more.