My Kindle arrived!

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Yes, my new Kindle is here! And it’s awesome. Browser is even more functional than I thought, I was able to access any page I’ve wanted, of course no flash. Reading experience is great, but I would be able to tell if it really don’t make your eyes tired after reading little more, now I’m just playing with features generally. Keyboard is alright, but if I would have tried to write this post on it I would definitely gone mental. Exchange OWA is working well on this device, in light mode.
Text is clear and I had no problems with reading it. However my wife who is wearing glasses complained that it could be brighter. I can’t tell much at these stage as I’m just beginning my adventure with Kindle, but I’ll try to write some bigger review after week or two. For now I don’t see any disadvantages, but it’s typical with new toys.
Big plus for Amazon for delivering it so fast. When I was ordering it was written on the page that they would start shipping it from 24th of September or earlier, and here it’s 21st and they not only shipped it, but I already have it in my hands:) True professionalism.