I'll have a Kindle!!!

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Yes, after months of reading about it. After many pros and cons being reviewed in my mind, and after claiming on this blog that I don’t want it anymore:) I’ve finally ordered it from Amazon. Of course 3G option as I would like to have access to Internet anywhere. I must admit that it was mainly the price which made my mind, previously it was horribly expensive (as for me) and wasn’t offering all I want from such device. Now they’ve not only upgraded it, but it’s also reasonably priced, at last. One thing is bad though, I would not have a case:( I was about to order one, but then I’ve glanced on Import Fees and it was more than case itself. So, no way sir, I’m not paying 120$ for the case just because I’m not lucky enough to live in USA and must pay Import Fees. Anyway, I’m very happy and hope that it will arrive soon (however, they will ship it after September 24th:() and in one piece.