Can sinner be good?

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What would you think about the person who by any means is a sinner, but never harmed innocent. And never was indifferent when somebody was hurting those who can’t fight back. Does this man, even as he is full of sin, deserve to go to heaven? Can all people who were saved by him erase his misdeeds?
That were the questions I’ve asked myself today after seeing Bill Hickock being shot in the back of his head by some trash. This character from Deadwood was very deep. Entire show is quite interesting, but I will really miss this great gunman. I must admit that for the moment I’ve got a piece of doubt to his morals, I’m talking about the scene when he accepts offer from the saloon owner to trick the poor (well not so poor actually) widow. But he quickly recovered in my eyes and died in style. It was a death of a man who knew that he doesn’t fit to normal life, and has understanding that is getting too old to keep old habits. So he writes letter to his wife and goes to the bar to wait for destiny to do its job.
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m impressed by the personality of Mr. Hickock (and artistry of Keith Carradine). I prefer better one man who is sinner, but will never let good man die if he has anything to say, than hundred of people who live by the laws of faith, but don’t care about the others. True God’s man is the one who will fight the beast to protect the lamb, not the one who is bowing head in front of the altar and then turning it away to not see suffering of others.

This post is dedicated to fellow Rebbecca who has inspired me to write this spiritual text:)