How to create iso image on Mac OS X

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One of many great things about Mac is that you can do a lot of stuff just after launching your computer for the first time. So here is another one, you can create iso image of your CD/DVD just using apps which are already in the OS. Lets start then:
1. Put the disk into your drive.
2. Go to Apps -> Utilities -> Disk Utility.
3. Choose your disk from the list on the left and click New Image.
4. Browse to location where you want to save the image, put the filename you desire and select DVD/CD master as Image Format.
It would create cdr image, so now you need to convert it to iso. You can do it with single command in Terminal:
hdiutil makehybrid -iso -joliet -o .iso .cdr
That’s it. You have created iso image of your disk without using any third party software! Isn’t it just great.